Meet The Stylists

Angela Crane
Your 3D Microblading Artist

eyebrow microblading Riverton, Utah
Angela became increasingly frustrated with drawing her brows on everyday, only to have them smudge out of place right before an important meeting with clients.  She began to research different techniques that could give her a permanent solution and stumbled across Microblading.  Angela liked the technique, but had difficulty finding someone whose work delivered a natural looking result, then she met Patty Willardsen, a brow artist that had appeared on The Doctors TV show.  Patty microbladed Angela's brows and it literally changed the way Angela looked and felt about herself each day.  Getting ready was quicker, confidence was up, no more worrying about accidentally wiping off your brow in the middle of the work day.  Angela left her 15 year career in real estate to learn the artistry of microblading at Patty's 3D Brows Academy and give others their gift of expression and confidence back.

Angela enjoys the beach, reading, traveling and growing this wonderful business with her daughters, whose souls remind Angela that true beauty starts from the inside out.  

Lauren Crane
​Master Esthetician - Lash Technician
eyebrow microblading Riverton, Utah
Lauren began her career in the beauty industry by working for a national retail chain where she helped women find solutions to enhance their appearance.  She pursued an education in cosmetology and completed her education as a Master Esthetician at the prestigious National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA).  Lauren has also completed additional certifications to become a professional Lash Technician and enjoys helping women with time saving solutions for looking their best every day.

Lauren enjoys the beach, snowboarding, reading and helping young cancer warriors channel their inner princess through her organization 
Princess Yarn Wigs (can be found on Facebook).